Its April Fool’s Day

It’s actually more than just a day to play practical jokes…baseball has officially started, the landscapers are busy getting folks properties in shape, and the team at Human Capital 3.0 are busy moving forward with exciting work.

We just recently did our first partnering project with Rich over at Improving Communications. We trained Tata’s North American HR team on workplace Investigations.   It went so well that we have a few more engagements that we are working at doing this summer. We are also partnering with Adelphi business school to potentially provide some executive education programming this coming Fall. Finally we are in negotiations on an HR prep guide for the certifications (SPHR/PHR) with a major player in the education publishing space.

Not everything is finalized, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. And talking about building we now have our redone twitter page at HC3, as well as a new Facebook and LinkedIn page for business completed. Our website is currently under reconstruction too. Another week or so and we are done (for the moment).

Last but not least we have speaking engagements lined up for later this year. The next one is June 25th at SHRM in Orlando…we hope to see you there. if you’re traveling their drop us a note so we can arrange to meet.


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