The Importance of HR – Revisited

Lately I have been getting a lot of negative feedback about HR in my friends and families businesses. This has always troubled me, more so now than ever before.

When I was at Leviton we were always doing great stuff, so I was insulated from seeing bad HR. As a business owner and HR advisor I have all the “consultant” speak to answer what HR should be doing, and of course how we at HC3 can come in and save the day.

But HR should not be doing a bad job, and it should be doing a better job. I can’t control the action of others but I hope to influence it along with several of my peers who make a difference in the space everyday. I have a few HR guru’ that will tell you if your managers are any good, HR is unnecessary… I still refuse to believe this…Its very important especially in the talent and performance areas. Could a football team do without a Director of player personnel? I doubt it, as a matter of fact a team’s success depends on their HR skills…especially in the talent area…

We all have different perspectives on this…but lets play devil’s advocate…eliminate HR in your organization and tell me if your better or worse off for it… I think we already know the answer!


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