TYPO’S And my MBTI Type

We all have weaknesses, mine is typo’s.

My MBTI type is an ENTJ…for those not familiar…I am extroverted, conceptual/big picture, lack feeling for others and make decisions that I live with for better or worse…that’s 2 pages of type distilled to a twitter post. And part of being a big picture type is that I don’t care much for detail. In all of my past roles I have always surrounded my self with the proverbial SF types…individuals who are very detail and structured (that’s the “S”) as well as caring (“F” is for feeling). I do spell check on occasion, but still miss a few, as I spell the word wrong, and it means something else (there for their, etc.). I also use comma’s in all the wrong places. Having caring individuals who actually care about my spelling habits has been beneficial and I do appreciate it…I am not sure where appreciation falls in the Myers Briggs spectrum…

My last post had 3 typo’s (actually 5, I caught two and did an edit after originally posting)…I had 4 friends email me (3 of them are indeed SF, and the 4th was just trying to be helpful, she has my exact type and was exploiting her “E” side too)…

If I have any typo’s this go around my apologies and thanks for reading my blog!






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