Time as Currency

My recent business conversations have centered on Work-Flex. OK…fancy word for discussing the inequities in time spent working vs. time spent doing other things. I continue to see that today’s biggest issue in the workplace is not generational differences, it’s stress caused by information overload.

I have always been one to advocate doing less (just do the important stuff and execute really well). To do so in today’s workplace we need to treat time as currency. Better yet treat it as another form of compensation. When you do non-essential work you are taking currency out of your pocket and giving it away. The problem with time as currency is that it is a one way street, you have a finite amount. Once you give it away, its not coming back, ever…

So how should today’s workers cope with this most pressing issue? I have lots of ideas…however few have been tested. Some forward thinking companies are reducing the # of weekly meetings, limiting off hour emails and phone calls, and allowing employees to flex the other way into their personal lives at work. I am not sure about the last one, however does it really matter that you call or text your child to make sure they got home from school safely or are doing their homework? Companies think nothing of impinging on your home life…its a two way street…

I think back to 15 yrs ago before the proliferation of hand held devices. Back in the 90’s I never did email after work or weekends…in some ways its unfortunate that we just can’t turn it off.

To all celebrating holiday’s this week Enjoy and don’t send emails this weekend!



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