The Talent Dilema

The 2014 NFL draft is around the corner and it brings up the age old dilemma of taking the best available or filling needs first.

If you had the first draft choice do you take the best player available, the best player at the position you need to fill or do you trade down to try to get a combination of best and need? In business we don’t have the luxury of always taking the best player available, but what if we did? And what about the saying hire for fit and attitude, where does that fit into the equation?

If it were my choice I am not sure what I would do…I believe in taking talent (“A” players) and would accumulate as much talent as possible…you  only get one shot normally at a first rounder and no one is a guarantee. In short I would probably take the best player on the board regardless of need…besides you can always utilize a star…

So to answer the draft equation is this, I would take Clowney form South Carolina, and I would take either the receiver form Clemson or the Linebacker from Buffalo over all the QB’s…

Good thing I am not an NFL GM…check back in 2 weeks and we will see…



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