Moving in a New and Different Direction

I posted this morning on my LinkedIn page that I have accepted and officially started as the new Head of HR at Success Academy Charter Schools in NYC  (click here). I have a funky title, but as they say its not the title its the job that counts. And this is possibly the coolest job I have ever undertaken.

One reason is they are Mission based, not money based liked my last firm. The CEO and the entire leadership team are 110% committed to changing public education. I have never seen such a deeply committed group of individuals. Everyone works for the same vision too, I used to think that didn’t really exist anywhere outside of the Disney organization and more recently Zappos. They are both for profit organizations with unique cultures. Success has a unique culture too (more on that in future posts)…but we are about something way more important…educating our next generation.

A second reason I think its cool is that I am surrounded by awesome millennials who break many of the stereotypes we have grown tired of hearing about. In short they are extremely hard working, dedicated, caring, and they respect the wisdom of the few Baby boomers and Gen-xer’s sprinkled in…they also blow me away with their tech savvy approach to every thing they do.

I am still early in the learning curve  of this great organization and still formulating how to put my HR expertise to work in a value added way.

HC3.0 consulting is not closed, just on hiatus for the foreseeable. THE BLOG WILL CONTINUE WITH INTERESTING INSIGHTS IN THE WORLD OF HR TOO (sprinkled in with an occasional update on my most recent endeavor).


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