We Don’t Always Get What We Want, We Get What We Need

My first week in a new gig included a team building exercise to focus on needs, wants and likes. It was a great exercise and opened up a few blind spots and new topics for the team. It was a crazy week 1 with 32 meetings scheduled…In my last role I don’t think I had 32 meetings in an entire 90 day period other than during our open enrollment cycle each year.

I also had to start the adjustment of my own lens to evaluating needs, wants, and likes for this organization. For one thing we are an organization, NOT A COMPANY OR BUSINESS, made clear to me in a matter of hours. So my lens will need major adjusting as I have 30 years of “corporate mindset”. Most of the same principles of HR and Org. Development still apply, however its communication and deployment are somewhat different.

Additionally the work environment is part startup, part techy., and part communal. No offices to speak of, tons of conference rooms…ZERO privacy. I have had an office in every job going back to my Macy’s days even if it was a desk under a stairwell in the lady’s coat stock room. This will be a challenge for me. It also raises the question do most of us really NEED an office to do our jobs effectively. In addition I lack storage, shelves, a printer and a half-dozen other nice to have items…It goes back to my team building exercise, which focused on the outcomes and what we need for success (no pun intended as I now work for an “organization” referred to as SUCCESS). My garage at home has 7 storage bins of books, reference materials and wall hangings (myriad of awards, trophies, etc.). I also have pictures and trinkets for the office…I hold on to them like pictures on Facebook, but will I ever use them again?

In the end maybe all I need is a good PC, virtual equipment (a cell phone, and cloud computing to store and access anything from anywhere), meeting space with the latest technology, and great people to collaborate with daily…  I quote the Rolling Stones;  “We don’t always get what we want, we get what we need”, the rest may be just window dressing.



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