Random Stuff

We all suffer writers block from time to time…mine is right now, or should I say the past week. Its been a busy week at work, I finished all three classes I was teaching, and my daughter returned from an oversees adventure…So maybe its more a too busy to think straight thing vs. writers block.

I recently had one of my posts on tlnt.com and another scheduled for later this week, so I must be doing something right.

Here are some random thoughts:

I am pretty twirked over the SHRM – HRCI debacle playing out right now. After 11 yrs. of being certified and struggling to get approved credits, now it might all be for not. To think I just finished teaching the SPHR/PHR at NYIT…and in a year it might not exist, at least as we have known it…

I have turned down 3 speaking gigs at conferences later this year, just to busy…but I am speaking June 25 at SHRM national in Orlando. In the past 6 or 7 yrs. the gigs have come in waves…I think I am in the middle of one now…

I’m loving my new job, at least the content and the team…its such a different environment. Part silicon ally startup, part education system, and part political campaign (more on the latter in a future post). I just wish some of the non-essential emails – especial the late after work stuff would stop…that’s the rub, there is no really an “after work”…its a run on day into night.

I miss spending time doing consulting stuff, but paying bills comes before doing cool stuff…at least for now. I will continue to dabble in HC3 and doing some project work with my business and college affiliates. Oh, and I will keep teaching HR and Social Media at Adelphi in their MBA program this coming year.

I played 9 today, and hope to on memorial day with extended family members. I applied the sun screen liberally, but missed a spot on my left elbow…its bright red (remember I said random stuff and this is).

No Game of thrones this week, I hate holiday pre-empting on HBO…

I will be back when the writers block passes…Enjoy the Holiday and remember to thank those who serve in our military and protect our freedoms!




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