This week I have a double dose of SHRM. First I will be attending the Family and Work Institute gala in nyc as a guest of SHRM. Then I will be flying to Orlando to present at the conference (see details) as I was asked to do an encore of my Global HR presentation from 2012. I am also attending an “off  the grid”  CHRO event Monday night  and Tuesday including dinner at Epcot and a visit to see Jet Blue University.

Spending time with senior folks from the HR community is cathartic for me. Senior HR practitioners do not usually have much in the way of peer thought leadership in their organizations. Occasionally one is fortunate enough to have a C-suite playmate who gets HR and understands the duality of people and business… I have been fortunate that I have had at least one and in my current role a handful, who get “IT”. So I do have folks to talk to on occasion, however not much can top having peers, who live and breathe the same experiences, to share and discuss issues and hot topics with.

Of course walking the floor of the conference to see whats new and whats not in HR technology and service is always interesting. I am sure I will receive lots of bling and 100’s of email solicitation follow ups. Tim MaGraw is the entertainment Tuesday night and it will be fun to do the country music thing for a change.

So I will be filling my tank with great conversation, networking and learning over the next few days. I will also hopefully get an insiders viewpoint from SHRM leadership on the SPHR/PHR vs. HR Competency model split between SHRM and HRCI. I have been watching closely from the sidelines as information leaks out on SHRM’s next steps. I do feel bad for all the HR practitioners caught in the middle. I just finished teaching the prep class a month ago on Long Island ( at NYIT). All of my students want to propel their knowledge and career, each thought the SPHR/PHR certifications would be that magic ingredient.

I too have a vested interest with 12 yrs. as an SPHR and 8 as a GPHR, as well as being a certified instructor. I do believe we need a competency model and some changes to the knowledge needs of todays HR folks…not sure why we can’t have both. That might be a little unrealistic. The other question is will SHRM continue to use their conferences and open access HR training as a way to attain HRCI credits in the future, I hope they thought that part out.

The other great part of the week is seeing some old HR friends who live in other cities. If your going to be there, and we have not touched base, drop me a note and hopefully we can catch up.



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