10 Annoying Things People do at Work

Call you 3 minutes after sending an email to ask why you have not responded.

Send personal conversation or 1 person emails to distribution lists, oh they also do it on  simple direct questions and related responses too.

Ask everyone, except the decision maker, how they should facilitate dealing with an issue.

Invite 4 members of the same team to a weekly status meeting, when 1 would suffice.

Not inviting you to a meeting that you should be at….because you already have 4 people attending.

Invite you to an important meeting where you are the presenter, at a time your already scheduled or out of the office (does anyone know how to use outlook?).

Send emails at 9 pm that are not relevant or in need of an immediate response (Oh, the person is usually 30 feet from where you sit and could have asked you at 4pm).

Smelly food for lunch at their desk, and of course horrible eggs in the morning.

Telling you the same things 3 times in a row over a 30 minute time span (like I am an Alzheimer’s patient and don’t remember 10 minutes ago).

Continuing an email discussion for 3 weeks without once picking up the phone, or talking face to face, to resolve an issue.





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