Train Stories Part 2.

The reaction to my spilling coffee on the train piece was overwhelming (thank you). So I thought I would take another stab at discussing “train time” and its impact on business folks.

Today I had my coffee under control. I also did the hated Monday morning email check about 720 am. This is where you check the weekend emails you failed to look at on Sunday and hope that you aren’t in deep dodo for not responding at some point on your time. Fortunately for me I did a 430 pm check Sunday afternoon so my email total was low double digits and only 2 really important ones. As I scanned the train car I saw at least a half-dozen folks following my lead or mimicking my actions. A couple of individuals went from email to phone calls as obviously the defcon needle had moved to 3 or 4!

It’s fascinating to see what folks are doing on the Monday morning train. I break the group up as follows:

First there is the serious business types. With either a phone or pc, they are busy communicating with their organization on Monday mornings. Not sure if they are reacting or barking orders. They have a determination much like a 5 or 6-year-old learning to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time.

Then there are the socialites, catching up with seat mates on the weekends events. I am sure that when they get to work they mimic this with Monday morning water cooler conversations. I like these folks because they show some balance in their lives. It’s not all work!

A third group is the sleep deprivation group. I am not sure why they are sleep deprived. Surely a mixture of great weekends and not so great weekends.

The last group is the grinders who follow the same daily ritual Monday thru Friday. Usually a newspaper, magazine, e-book, or some type of mental escape. These folks are effective time managers. They use the train to supplement “their” time. Good for them, they understand how to maximize the commute.

So there you have it. Four train types, I know not as exciting as Myers Briggs types. I sometimes wish I was in the last group. I want to get the most out of each and every day. My reality is I spend between an hour fifty to two hours a day just on the rail road. My subway time doesn’t count as its hard to know how crowded it will be and planning or doing something personal on the subway is a little more difficult. I do get 20 -30 minutes to either read the paper, surf the net or watch streaming ESPN 2 (Mike and Mike in the morning) and my latest favorite comedians in cars getting coffee…its a hoot and worth checking out. Yes I have a sense of humor and hopefully a sense of balance too!



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