Always in “Beta” Mode

Back on my original blog 5 or 6 years a go I wrote a post about always being in BETA mode. testing and tinkering. What was true then is true now. Maybe even more so.

I am not a center of the bell curve professional, quite the contrary. Over the last 17 yrs. I have gone the road less traveled and avoided conventional wisdom. First by shifting from Operations to HR, then from Retail to Manufacturing, then to Financial Services and now Non-Profit and Education Reform. I have been recognized for leadership and innovation nationally too during that time period. There have been some great highs, however everything is not always rosy, sometimes pushing the envelope gets you in trouble. It also means you need to be willing to fail to eventually succeed, so I have had my fair of disappointments and failures, pissed a few people off and crashed and burned (or at least crashed) concurrent to the successes.

With all my ups and downs I have stayed true to trying to stay in a “Beta” mindset. Always looking for a slightly different way to do things. Lets be honest there are a lot of folks that can do almost any job, yours and mine. Average performance is no longer acceptable in the world of work. So everyone needs an edge or a differentiator. For me it’s always being willing to try something new or at least putting a spin on things to do work differently.

My daughters generation gets this and I believe in many ways its part of the millennial generations DNA. My staff gets being on the edge too. It comes natural to them. Not baby boomers. We like stability and conformity. Many of my friends and colleges  have recently gone thru job or career changes…and not of their own choice.  Wishing things stay the same today is beyond unrealistic. The speed of change is so fast that sometimes training is obsolete by the time you finish it. Old skill sets are not relevant. However I caution many of you that wisdom is always valuable.

With that said I suggest all the baby boomers out there get out of your comfort zones. Take some risks and be willing to fall and then dust yourselves off….


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