In my current role I have no privacy. Everything I say or do with exception to occasionally walking into a conference room is visible and often audible.

Our organization thrives on transparency, it brings a certain amount of truth and accountability to the forefront. When your visible you can’t hide. When your audible you can’t take back what you just said.  I don’t think our leadership built the open environment with this in mind. Probably more to do with what they thought would be constant collaboration. The reality is there is less. 20 somethings with their earphones plugged in staring at their screen or iPhone, texting team mates 20 feet away or emailing them…What ever happened to having a conversation? this probably sounds familiar to many of you in your own work environment too.

In addition the world around me has become transparent. If your reading this post and have read those preceding it, you have access to me and my social world online. My LinkedIn  and twitter feeds are transparent. So is my Facebook page.  Some of it I can’t even control….I hate shitty pictures posted without my ok…

When I bump into former colleagues or business acquaintances there is less of a need to catch up. some of them are “following me”, others are checking in for a voyeuristic peak at what I am up to. My daughter and her friends call it internet stalking. I would rather refer to it as the new way to stay abreast of family and friends.

To be honest I don’t always like it even though I propagate it by blogging, writing, and tweeting. I had an office going back to my days as a junior operations manager at Macy’s almost 30 yrs. ago, even if it was in the back of a stock room, it was my space. A place I could do paperwork, have a private conversation and even disappear for 5 minutes just to literally hide and clear my head during a hectic day. When folks come to visit me at work they are shocked I don’t have an office, I just point to the slab of formica and say we are an “open” environment. I don’t need the 500 square foot palace of my last two roles with conference rm. attached and access directly adjacent to my CEO. A closet with light, small desk and an outlet would be fine…I have resigned myself to the fact that my 300 book reference library and 1/2 dozen plaques for receiving national recognition in my field can stay packed in Rubbermaid totes in my garage….No one at my place cares anyway…but they are important to me. They make me feel good and comfortable. One might say they help define me, or at least who I used to be. I miss having them at my finger tips and adorning my walls. I don’t even put a picture of my family on my slab…if I did no one would notice (except for me)…

I’m writing this from my living room in my home at 10pm at night. I am alone and peaceful. No one is watching me. It makes me think about how much the world has changed in the past few years.

I miss having an office. I hate folks eavesdropping on my conversation….unless I invite them too. The world has changed, I need to get used to this….

For Halloween I am thinking of going as a ghost (their invisible), or maybe a shadow – an outline of my former self…

Pleasant dreams….I will “see you” tomorrow.


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