It’s Official, I Am No longer a 4 rating – Now I’m a 3

Ok, its was bound to happen, I was rated a 3 (very good) versus a 4 (exceptional), on my last review. This hasn’t happened in a very long time, however I wasn’t surprised. In fact I expected it. We just can’t be all-stars every review cycle.

I stated to my boss that: “I have done everything expected of me during my first 6 months, including turning a “Bad news bears” team in HR around quickly, with very good retention, engagement and product. I doubt they would be in the same state now if I were not here. ( For the record the team is an exceptional group)…they just needed a coach. Ratings aside whether it be a 3 or 4, which in itself is subjective and does not fully quantify performance, we are certainly in a much better place today with the opportunity to continue to transform to a higher performing team in the future.”

The response was your correct – no argument.

So I did everything I was supposed to and was able to, but I didn’t get the highest rating…and that’s ok…except our bonus and salary are based on the # rating…that is where things get a little dicey. I can still hit a few out of the park, even with short-term consistency, but the bar is even high for a former all-star. I haven’t changed, the world around me and expectations have. We all do 2-3 jobs. We all work more than the proverbial 40 hr. week…

For many of you, like me, we still take pride in our jobs, especially in growing our teams. I want a lineup full of 4’s playing for me. I am definitely on the right track…I am only as good as they are…that’s not a line of B.S., it is the truth.

I still like trophies and rewards…but they are not the end all…I would rather have a 4 on my own job satisfaction. Maybe that’s the rating that truly counts. On that I get a 3 too (for now)….but I am working towards a 4…



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