Give Thanks on Thanksgiving

Sometimes we forget whats most important. We also ignore our good fortune and sometimes look at the glass as half empty or even 90% empty. But for this one holiday lets all give thanks for what we have and what we give to others who need a little TLC.

I want to share a quick story, please bear with me.

I have a 10-year-old havanese dog named Max, he is a handsome little 13lb. alpha dog who pee’s a little too often and has his moments barking and attacking the mail when it comes through the mail slot in our front door. But he gives unconditional love, good day or bad my nightly entry to my home is greeted with a wagging tail and a lick of my face (ewe).

This week I brought him to our dog groomer in town for a cut and a wash…the owner of the shop is always in a good mood, she always greets me and Max with a smile and a great hello – a “how are you” and a “whats new”. We share some small talk each and every time. Well this trip when I picked Max up, the owner’s daughter was sitting in the back of the shop, watching a Disney movie. She has significant personal challenges (for those not in HR – she has disabilities). Her daughter loves dogs and loves spending time at the shop with her mom and lots and lots of dogs…the dogs love her and she gives them unconditional love too. Max made a new friend. He doesn’t know her name, only that she is sweet and gives him a little attention.

The shop owner goes to work each and every day with a smile on her face an a welcoming greeting for each and every customer. She loves the dogs that go there for a cut and wash too.

Life isn’t always fair, you don’t get to control the cards dealt to you, but you do get to decide how you will play out the hand.

My Dog groomer, plays a great hand each and every day…

On this holiday, put a side your gripes and complaints. Say thanks. Help someone who needs a little tlc or assistance…and be grateful.

To all have a happy thanksgiving!



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