Blog or Diary, Whats the Difference?

This past week a friend pointed out that my blog sounded more like a diary.

Truth be told she is probably right. The lines have blurred for me. I used to write about issues, usually drawn or inspired by my own experiences. That has morphed into a personal manifesto of sorts. Most of my recent posts are personal diatribes, masquerading as blog posts.

So the key question is does it matter? to be honest, I am not sure. I read about 15 blogs regularly in the HR space. They are split 50/50 on personal and business. They are all laced with some personal experiences, insights and examples too.

Writing diary style is more interesting, to me and to readers. It’s a little voyeuristic, looking behind my life/work curtain.

I have always tried to firewall the really personal or sensitive stuff. It seems to be getting harder all the time. Even when I do, the folks who know me personally, also know the back story. After a while the dirt emerges… its hard to hide my feelings toward Marcum, even though we made some strides and worked with a few really good folks…And my time at Leviton was mostly “excellent”, just a couple of wild blemishes mixed in…Leviton put me on the map so no matter what I will always owe them gratitude. For the Limited, all I can say is thank you to Chris DePoto and Pegeen Rubinsteen for giving me a chance to reboot my career and flourish.

Century 21, well all I can say is high paying train wreck. Of Course there is the place it began for me – Macy’s…I learned to manage, I learned to lead, I learned to be political. Without Macy’s I would probably be directing a recreation program at a Y or community center…so to Arthur Matura, Roy Seher, Jim Foley, and all the other bosses…thank you! Yes there were times it really sucked, but I worked with and for the best…

Finally there is my current gig, we will save the commentary for them for another day…it’s the end of a vacation week…and I want to start out on a positive…

Hoping everyone enjoyed the thanksgiving holiday!!!

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