Just Say NO

I-Phone Calender: “It looks busy tomorrow. There are 8 events scheduled, and the first one starts at 8am.”

We are all overloaded and over scheduled. Some even suggest it is a badge of honor in today’s work world. The busier you are the more important and higher status you incur. Without corner offices, status is harder to see, except for the size of your inbox, and depth of your outlook calendar.

Six mtgs. today, maybe you’re not busy enough. One hundred and fifty emails, well I have 200 today so I am more important than you.

Here is a secret, you own your calendar and your Outlook/email. Sometimes you need to say “NO”

Don’t accept the invite (gee there are 3 folks on your team already going – they can debrief you afterwards).

Don’t engage in the email conversation. If your cc’d just listen. And if there are more than two of you on the email string, wait until the others way in. Most of the time the situation or discussion resolves itself without even responding.

Here’s another tidbit, don’t let your outlook become your to do list for other people. Of course sometimes your boss or someone in authority needs some information or assistance.

Block off time to do your work and choose time to check emails. Maybe 3 or 4 times a day, answer everything that is quick in 2 sentences or less where possible. Schedule the time your going to leave like a mtg., block off the time after you leave so others don’t have access to you.

Just say NO…



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