It Doesn’t Really Matter

Most of what you do at work, doesn’t really matter. Maybe 60 -70%. Maybe I am off by a few percentage points, however most of what you do or get asked to do is a waste of time.

I know your thinking another “time”  or “do less” conversation from Mark. Well I will keep this one short, but let’s be real ask yourself if you just didn’t do whatever it was you were doing, would it impact organizational results?

I asked my entire team last month to provide to me a focus five project list for the time period thru the end of the calendar year (approximately 60 days). My comment to the management team was if they are working on any project not on the focus five list they were to STOP immediately. It’s amazing how much crap folks are off working on.

I tell folks at least a couple of times a week to Go home when they are working late. Really can it wait till tomorrow to finish. Of course there are the occasional up against a deadline late nights. I am probably committing blaspheme by stating that I tell folks to stop working at night. One of my peers in leadership keeps their team at work till 10 sometimes 11 pm to finish work each day. I am talking about 4 nights a week…I am not sure how much of the work is needed  to meet important deadlines vs. imposed for the sake of imposing…

Sorry in the Mark world some shit just has to wait. Especially the stuff that really isn’t important.

If I didn’t get a single cc, I could cut almost 80% of my email out each day. I actually did a two-week audit recently averaging 164 emails a day during the week and 11 emails a day on weekends, with an average of only 36 daily direct communications. I did have two days that spiked to over 50 due to a major issue.  Additionally I averaged  just under 3 communications in succession from each originator as the conversation went back and forth. So if you do the math I average about 12 real conversations daily thru email. The rest is fyi and bullshit I often times just don’t need to know. Lets assume 20 emails a day that you get cc’d on you really need to know…thats still 100 emails that are delete button eligible…

Take my email scenario and apply it to mtgs, conversations and assigned tasks… bet the results are close to the same.

What if you could be given one half of your daily time at work back to do real work with impact to your organization.

What if the whole organization could do that???




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