I Had A Good Day

Sometimes its not about business, Sometimes its about life. today was a GOOD DAY!

My daughter came back from college, she is a sophomore engineering major at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. My wife and I are extremely proud of her. She has been working harder at school work then I have at making a living for the past 5 or 6 years. She made a lot of sacrifices in high school to achieve at an extremely high level so that she can attend one of the 20 best universities in the country. She had a good semester, doing well in classes that I can’t even comprehend (like Differential Equations and Statics) if you’re an engineer you know how difficult these classes are. She also got elected to an executive board position in her sorority. Her social and personal life are better than ever. In short she continues to surpass expectations, hers and ours, as she matures into adulthood.

I missed her a lot recently as she hasn’t been home for almost 16 weeks. We did spend thanksgiving with the Fogel family in San Diego so its only been 2 weeks since seeing her last, but in a strange way it felt like I hadn’t seen her in a really long time.

When she got home we didn’t spend a lot of time talking, but that didn’t matter because she was home and I missed her. Our dog Max was so excited to see her too.  He spent at a good portion of the night hanging on the edge of her bed as she settled in and watched her favorites shows on her MAC. Some folks call it unconditional love…Max can’t talk but he missed her too.

Before my daughter arrived in the afternoon, I spent the morning with my friend Michael. We work out for an hour every Sunday at our gym and then go for Starbucks. We usually hang afterwards at the local starbucks for 30 – 35 minutes catching up on the week. We had a good talk today as we shared personal and business concerns, We bounce things off each other and it helps me set up my work week. It’s been intense the past few days in the office so I did most of the talking.it put me at ease as I was a little more anxious than I normally am.

This evening I watched football and my HBO shows, I am an ESPN and HBO cable junkie feasting on Sunday night football highlights and HBO. Tonight was the ending of The Network ( it was a great show) and I enjoyed it immensely!

Sorry no interesting ideas or incites. It wasn’t a special day by any means, but it was just Good!




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