My favorite interview question is: If you could have one “DO OVER”, what would it be?

With the holiday season here many of us take time to reflect on the past year and then make the cliché New Years resolution…I usually don’t make resolutions as I never seem to be able to achieve them. In fairness I do make goals throughout the year, both professional and personal…My batting average is much better at the professional…we all have our strengths (and weaknesses)…

What we really should be asking is what would we do again if given the chance. A second chance at getting something right.

How far back would you go and how big would it be?

A job you should have accepted or maybe turned down.

Or a relationship handled differently.

A project or opportunity…

If you did get the chance would you even act on it? Some folks are fatalists and believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I believe this too, however maybe its fate drawing you to the take another stab at something…

In 2015 instead of making a resolution, do something over…I guareentee you wont be sorry.

What are you waiting for?



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