Day: January 7, 2015

They Say it’s Your Birthday

“Its my birthday too yeah.” and it was my birthday today… I am not big on birthdays, mine or others. To me it’s just another day and one where we are reminded that time is the one thing we always spend and can never save. Yes another 365 days gone forever.

My team at work surprised me with a birthday lunch and cake (Victoria even baked a cake for me – thanks Vic!). It was a nice gesture, they are a great team!

Folks asked me what I had planned, how old I was, and all the other proverbial birthday questions…

When I was little I used to get screwed on presents as my birthday is so close to Hanukkah. I used to get the All in One presents (combining a holiday and birthday gift). I used to get sweaters, socks an occasional game or sporting good item (basketball, baseball mit, etc.)…When I got married I had to start sharing my birthday with my brother in-law as he is exactly 5 yrs. younger than me, we still do share the day…I bet he got screwed too.

On my 18th birthday I went to an Islander game with 3 friends (Harvey, Ronnie and Brian). I had my first “legal beer”, in fact I think I had two. For my twenty-first birthday I spent a week in Columbus Ohio with the same 3 friends. We went to OSU basketball followed by bar hopping. My friend Ronnie turned 21 right after me and we went out to celebrate. He got drunk and was sick for 2 days. His dad called to wish him a happy birthday 3 times, we had to make up stories why he couldn’t come to the phone. We had the best road trip ever. My car’s starter was shot and we didn’t turn the car off the entire trip out from LI. Harvey got high in the back seat and woke up in the middle of the night hallucinating. It was 30 below with the windchill as we drove through Pennsylvania, one of the coldest weekends on record…I had my Van Halen, Triumph and AC/DC cassette tapes blasting the whole trip. Life was simple back then, no real responsibilities or worries. It was so much fun.

On my 50th birthday we had a dinner in nyc with family and a few close friends. It was really nice.

I don’t remember to many other birthdays.When I worked in retail it was usually the same week as winter inventory so I know I worked a few birthdays late into the night. A few of them came with bad weather. Last year we watched a whole season of Downton Abbey with 16 inches of snow outside…

Tonight I am just relaxing and blogging. We had a couple of “emergencies at work” and my #2 In HR called after dinner to talk about how to handle. A few calls from family, lots of texts, emails, LinkedIn messages and yes 50+ Facebook messages. I got my SHRM certification today too…I am good for 3 years….

One of these years I am going to do something real cool on my birthday…maybe another road trip or just a trip to some place exciting and new.

For now I will just make it a birthday wish (doing something unique) and blow out the candles.

I let you know when my wish comes true.