Day: January 29, 2015

HR at Warp Speed

No this is not a throw back to Star Trek and Captain Kirk. It is a conversation about the increasing need for speed in HR programs and services.

At Leviton it took 3 yrs. to build trust, 2 to build infrastructure and another 2 to deploy great award-winning content. That’s 7 yrs. from end to end building and deploying a high performance HR program.  At Marcum the cycle was cut to 18 months to both build trust and content simultaneously.  During the later half of the 18 months we deployed programs as we finished product development (no time to beta test), just go live and adjust on the fly. We actually did some really cool HR process and programs at Marcum including great quarterly communication pieces, top-notch employee branding and great employee engagement programing, however there were glaring gaps. In hindsight a result of rushing product to market along with not having 100% partner buy in. All contributors to a mixed result HR Program. The time savings were in part due to my having a “Bag of tricks” assembled at Leviton and retrofitted at Marcum. Unfortunately BMW engines do not work the same in Ford station wagons.

We certainly raised the bar at Marcum, introducing programming that prior HR leadership never came close to even dreaming about. We even scored a couple of awards, although I am not sure if they were really deserved. We will save that for a post on another day.

And now here we are at Success, a nine yr. old infant of an organization. I have barely hit the 10 month mark and the staff infrastructure is built ( doubling in size in HR since my arrival) with processes and procedures in place exceeding most of what I accomplished at both Marcum and Leviton. To be transparent we don’t have an HRIS functioning yet, and our performance management is a -3 on a scale of 1-10, but we are closing the gap literally as I type this blog post.

One reason for our Warp speed work is I have an extremely talented, smart, and almost completely Gen -Y team of almost 3 dozen 20 and  just turned 30 somethings  burning the midnight oil. They harness technology extremely well, which enables extremely fast and robust output. They know how to repurpose data and information too, which cuts out some of the redundancy in a complex work environment.

They work and synthesize at “Warp Speed’! Sometimes we move so fast we miss things…I call this being in a Hurry vs. working fast.

But here’s  the rub, I don’t know if we are producing High value work, or just creating the perception we are.

My heart sais we are doing right.

The reality will not show itself for at least a year and who knows if I will even be there to answer the question.

In today’s world life moves very fast and if you blink you could miss it (yes a reference to my friend Ferris)

Just hope we are doing it right, not just doing it quick…