Month: February 2015

My next 15 minutes of Fame

From 207-2012 I was in the news, or on the news, a lot for a long Island based CHRO working for well known mid – majors.

HR news nationally and local business news (print, online, TV, and radio). Four National awards will do that for you. Everyone wants a piece of you when your winning.

Then I hit a “go dark” period the last 30 months. I slowly withdrew from speaking at conferences and taking press calls, even back ground conversations were minimal. Mostly at my doing.

I needed a break, to be honest I was a little gassed from the business travel, the break neck schedule, a new gig at Marcum and a little bit of frustration in navigating editors and writers, who can be finicky and difficult.

I had one particular writer at a local publication who was down right nasty with me in a fluff piece interview on employee referrals. After 45 minutes of being spoken to like an idiot, I stopped the interview.

So I took a break for the most part. I still did my SHRM national and regional presentations, and a couple of Adelphi Business school events…that was it. My 15 minutes of fame had reached 30 minutes and was now officially over.

Till now.

I am not sure what has resurrected the press calls or the invites to speak at conferences and workshops. Maybe it is the new job, or my recent blogging activity. It could be a residual build from my stint trying to get HC3 consulting going. Maybe its coincidence and nothing more.

One thing for sure, it feels like 5 yrs ago with press inquiries, keynote and panel invites, and even networking outreach.

I am taking it slower and easier this go around. Cherry picking the best and nicely pivoting or delaying the others. It’s a little strange as everyone seems to be in the news with blogs and on-line content proliferating and blurring the lines of true media and “social media”. In any event its nice to be in demand again at least for a few more minutes.

Like a rock concert encore, I am saving the best for last!