Back and Rejuvinated!

After a 2 full weeks off from blogging, I am fully charged again (like a cell phone that you drain to zero, than recharge). Work is busier then ever. We had the Albany Rally this past week (13,000 strong for “Don’t Steal Possible” and Ed Reform).

I was up at 4am and got home at close to 11pm. Thank god for temporary power sources for phones ( I drained 2 on the trip). It was the first day of work that my email count was under 50 in almost a year. It is eye-opening to see Ed reform in real-time and real life. If you or your children go to good public/private schools – thank your lucky stars…We are forging ahead to change that so that every child has a great education…

Budget mtgs. have begun for next school year, An HRIS  implementation project that never ends and we are working on our benefit renewal. Those are the big things. I spent 3 days on the road college recruiting. Ithaca, Cornell and Hobart. Boy I thought it was cold on long island, One morning it was -12 degrees with wind chill in Geneva NY.  Mid yr. reviews, some reorganizing and prioritizing too.

And I got thru it, somehow. Boy I slept this past Friday night from 845 at night to 8 am. The most sleep I have had in 6 months. I needed it. Oh, I am getting addicted to my fitbit. I am doing well averaging just over 10k steps daily (my goal).

My speaking engagements are starting to come together. I will be with my CFO at the Long Island  SHRM Annual Conference May 8th. An off the grid HC3 event May 13th, and  Keynoting an invitation only event in October. Oh and I almost forgot to recap my JobLine appearance on 103.9 fm two weeks ago, a huge success  for Success (no pun intended).

I am taking my executive coaching seminar in a few weeks.I have been looking forward to this for months and its finally here!

Last but not least, we are also planning my first team offsite for April. I am bringing in some ringers or should I say industry experts to help.

Oh and I have 11 PTO days to use by the end of June, doubt that will happen but a day here and there won’t hurt….

So with that said, I am back on the chain gang and will be bringing back a little snark and a little more insight in coming weeks.

In the immortal words of Porky Pig: “That’s all folks!”Porky_Pig


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