Make Someone’s Day

Today I did something for someone elses benefit. It was our talent Intern…I gave her 15 minutes of face time and told her how proud I was of her work. I made her day.

She had a smile from ear to ear all day long. It took no real effort except to give up a few minutes of my time. I sat with her department head who also had a smile as we finished. I had her project work in front of me to reference. It wasn’t phony, the work was quality. Her department head knew what I was doing and I think she appreciated it. A look worth a 1000 words.

It got me thinking how infrequently we do these acts of appreciating others at work. For me the smile lasted about as long as it took for her to exit and walk down the hall, but it wasn’t about me. Imagine a graduating senior in their first real job gets quality time and a big thanks from the “big boss”.

I need to do more of this when an individual or team member does great work (and for the record my team regularly does better than expected work)!

Maybe you should too…

Have a great night.


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