I’m Excellent and So Are You

gold medals

Thom Friedman’s quip  “that average is officially over” at the SHRM 2014 conference drew the deepest silence I have witnessed at a large speaking event in my career. His eloquent rant on the fact that technology and expectations in business raising the bar significantly for all workers globally, has caused HR folks everywhere to recoil and feel anxiety about their workforce performance review expectations, hit a nerve with nearly every one of the 14,000 folks in attendance at his keynote.

My post last yr. on the fact that I had gotten a 3 instead of a 4 on my first review at my current employer was a reinforcement to this issue sweeping the business landscape.

I am  an exceptional HR executive, not because I am cocky and full of Hubris…I am actually really good at what I do. I have great skills, I mentor and develop my teams, I get tangible and needed results, and I am viewed as a thought leader in the National HR space…but for some reason that just doesn’t measure up any more… Well tough shit. There I said it. The only opinion that really counts is my own…Since I have to live with me everyday. I am the only one that doesn’t get a choice on that, so I have decided the only one that gets to rate me, is ME.

And to each of you I say rate yourself too. We are all unique and special. we all contribute to our organizations….No we don’t suck….

And yes, I have to deal with whatever rating my boss gives me (for the record he is a great boss, it’s not personal – it just is). You have to deal with this too. You might be great, but your rating might not agree with that…and your salary increase and/or bonus won’t either…

Welcome to the new world of work

And yes I am back from Spring break (with a twinge of vinegar)….


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