HR Dinosaurs


No this is not a pre- Jurassic Park movie discussion. It’s s tale of ancient animals that have become extinct, or so we thought. My friend Laurie refers to them as HR Ladies…I call them dinosaurs…

My current organization doesn’t have any, but many of you do…They are becoming easier to spot, especially as organizations pivot and evolve. They still do comp the same way as 20 yrs ago, and performance reviews too. They are bureaucratic, although my CEO sometimes thinks I am. If I were a dinosaur it would be a Velociraptor…if your going to be one, make it count…Most HR dinosaurs are plant eaters…it took a long time for dinosaurs to become extinct , I think our time is coming too…although I don’t think it will be a meteor shower or ice age that does it…

I will be back to talk about this some more after the SHRM conference in Vegas this month…the last vestige of dinosaur gatherings known to man…


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