The Critic


“There are those who race cars at over 200 mph, risking life and limb. There are spectators who watch and cheer. Then there are the CRITICS who analyze and pontificate. I Race cars, how about you?”

It’s a metaphor of course, one of many I regularly spout on any given day to staff, family and friends. In fact my team at work recently anointed me the king of metaphors (as they come flying out of my mouth without any notice).

In HR we “race cars” we don’t spectate or criticize. Sometimes we make mistakes in judgement or execution resulting in pit stops, fender benders, and even a blown tire…we always strive to fix it and get back in the race as quickly as possible…To win you need to bring 100% effort – NO EXCUSES…no you may not be the best driver or have the fastest car…sometimes your EQ needs to kick in, sometimes its just rigor, and sometimes its just having the balls to keep going…

And of course we don’t always win, but there is dignity and respect in giving your all and competing.

To those who strap on their helmets and get on the race course each day….CONGRATS!

To the critics, I challenge you to get out on the course for a ride, maybe it’s not as easy as you might think. Or maybe you should just go to the movies and hang with the rest of the critics…and leave the driving to us!

See you in Vegas at #SHRM 2015 !


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