Another Notch in the Belt


I passed my Gallup coaching certification test last week. So I am officially an executive coach utilizing Strengthfinders for individuals, managers and teams. It’s another notch on my belt of accomplishments.

I also hope it’s the last time I ever have to take a test to achieve something. I am not the best test taker and had to put in double time and effort to pass a test that honestly was not as tough as I thought it would be…I have the strength themes down pat. And quite frankly I am a pretty good executive coach. My Ah Hah moments came during the first three days of Gallup training when I realized that I like to tell folks what to do…coaching is very different and this isn’t my first commentary on the topic. I needed and continue to attempt to humble myself along with being inwardly focussed ( that is hard for me). Some of my family and friends tell me i am not very deep or introspective…I like to think I am an onion with lots of layers, you just need to be patient enough to peel back the layers. Listening and letting others discover their path is an acquired taste for me…I hope to improve with age…like a fine wine or bourbon.

Some of my staff are beginning to notice a change in my style. I am a little less bossy, I take time to listen and appreciate what each individual brings to the table.

I still have a way to go. I need a coach myself (that’s me being introspective).

I am finding that strengths in each individual are real and that the Gallup framework really works. Leveraging team strengths are a true asset to meeting objectives and building a great team.

If you haven’t taken the assessment I encourage you too, along with Marcus Buckingham’s new 2.0 assessment. they are built off a similar platform (Marcus was vital part of building the Gallup Model).

If you want to learn more, or are interested in discussing coaching or Strengths training…please reach out to me.


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