1000 Right Ways to Do Anything

SAN DIEGO - OCTOBER 22:  Quarterback Phil Simms #11 of the New York Giants talks to head coach Bill Parcells during the game against the San Diego Chargers on October 22, 1989 at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California. The Giants won 20-13.  (Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)   Original Filename: 71345144.jpg

Coach let me call the next play!

Lately I am a little tired of narrow thinking. The my way or the highway approach to business and decision-making.  Like a Math equation with one right answer there may be several ways to get there.

In sports a win is a win. You could focus on offense, defense, and any number of facets of a game. Who cares what the score is (unless you are looking for individual statistical accolades). Maybe that’s it, in our society what you do maters more than your team. Good leadership  mixes the We and the I. Figure out your teams style and play to your strengths. Lets folks shine, but always go for the win.

Problems ensue when folks are asked to play a style that is uncomfortable or potentially a bad fit for your strengths and capabilities.

I am a macro manager, I build teams that are self-sustaining. I am not someone who reacts well to micro-management. I can do the grunt work for short bursts. I delegate and facilitate well, stepping in at key points and  doing it myself when it makes sense.

In the end I think winning comes down to harnessing capabilities in a style all  can add value to. Sounds simple, but its the hardest thing to do.

Back to more than one right way to do it…good leadership also accepts diversity in style along with talent. Occasionally a system works regardless of the talent. Look at Southwest airlines, Disney and Macdonald’s. All you have to do is follow their blue print. Individualism matters less (well at least at Southwest they value humour and personality a  little).

As Bill Parcell’s sais, a win is a win. You are as good as your record. In the end its the results, not the process…


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