A Boutique Following


I have been posting as an influencer on LinkedIn about once every 4-6 weeks the past year and a half. I have a boutique following of close to 2,000. One might think that’s really good, however I follow influencers with 6 figure groups. No I am not pretentious and I am not the CEO of Jet Blue (one of my favorite influencers).

I am also a boutique contributor of online and print content, having been published on TLNT, WorkSpan, and a host of HR publications going back to my time at Leviton in 2007/2008. Again on occasion and with laser like direction on topics. I pick on HR critics, I champion gen-y, I challenge the HR status quo and I call for a moratorium on bad behavior of leadership and management.

I would love to have a bigger reach and voice, however my paycheck has and continues to be derived from heading an HR/talent function over the past decade and a half. I know my capabilities and my limitations. More importantly I know my priorities. Writing and blogging are not among them.

In a way that’s unfortunate as HR and business discussion and debate is being driven by consultants and observers of the trade. HR needs more practitioner voices in the press. I love baseball and hockey but my commentary has little validity to the game, yet so many outsiders have a voice in my profession and that of others (Information technology, Marketing and Finance to name a few).

Publishers need to recognize this and increase the voice of insiders. Practitioners have to stop suffering in silence and allowing the defamation of their work function…If your reading this be bold and speak up….before its to late.


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