A Trip to Remember

This past week my daughter and I traveled almost 800 miles to her university for the start of her junior yr. The ultimate dad and daughter road trip. She goes to a top-tier university down south and is studying civil engineering. The scenery as we drove thru Virginia and Tennessee was beyond words.

We spent 3 full days together – day and night. to be honest, other than a few family vacations, I don’t think I have ever spent that much time together with my daughter. And she is no longer a child, as a young adult we talked about the economy, getting a job, relationships and a myriad of topics. In short it was a seminal point in time, a right of passage in her becoming an adult.

It was also the first time since last thanksgiving that I actually put my priorities in order. Family first!

To be transparent, I did 2 conferences calls, spent almost 3 hours on calls, responded to almost 100 emails and spoke to our CEO 3 times. So I did not completely unplug…for all of us that is a pipe dream. On an order of magnitude this was much smaller then the quality of time we had…quality over quantity….

What I did accomplish is strengthen my relationship with my daughter….and that’s worth more than any work accolade.

Sorry- no major point or lesson in this post, just an appreciation of the little things in life.

It was a trip to remember!


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