The World is My Oyster


My work has provided me with the opportunity to see many far off lands. My HR thought leadership has also provided me some awesome opportunities. I have spoken at numerous SHRM, World at Work, and miscellaneous industry conference events from NY to Shanghai and many city’s in between. In December I will add Cairo to this list.

Most folks never venture further then 150 miles from their home. So in real terms I have had a unique opportunity to see the world.

It’s not always what it’s cracked up to be. Numerous visits to Mexico and China provided a lens to see how folks in developing countries live. In China my firm had dormitories with 6-8 folks sharing a space about the size of my daughters freshman college dorm room, In Mexico, I witnessed the onslaught of consumerism as factory workers started to emulate US folks in dress, makeup and even attitude….Friday night dress up in their $12 Wal-Mart jeans and cheap makeup for a night out on the town….something most of us in the US take for granted.

If you ever have the time to share a cup of coffee with me I will give you some great stories (well there actually true events)….stuff that would make you look at your life and family in a whole new way.

For now I will just revel in the chance to see one more far off land and add it to my bucket list….


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