Day: November 6, 2015

Strength’s based Team building

Recently I conducted a “Gallup Strength’s team session” at work with a team of 12 folks in our fundraising and development area. It was awesome, the team is still talking about it. They have a grid with their top five individual Strengths up on a wall in their department and they are using Strengths language to discuss how they can improve and leverage each other.

It’s the third team training I have done the past 4 months. I also have coached my HR and Talent managers continually using Strengths as a core element during this time.

I am now going to provide individual, team, and executive coaching in a broader sense – outside my organization. I went thru an extensive training last spring, studied and took the exam. I had to do a handful of direct coaching sessions to get certified. Trust me it was rigorous and comprehensive. Gallup is awesome to work with as they makes their corporate team available to all certified coaches for assistance when needed and the coaches are all part of a network that shares and assists each other continually. I have been coaching and mentoring in my roles as head of HR for the past 15 yrs. and utilizing Gallup’s expertise is expanding my capability, value, and results enormously. Here is a link to my Gallup coaching capabilities page.

If your interested in discussing opportunities, please shoot me an email at and put Gallup coaching in the subject line, we can go from there!

You won’t be disappointed.