Day: November 12, 2015

What’s your Purpose?


Dinner with a close friend this week led to the question, what’s your purpose when you wake up each morning. Certainly we all have responsibilities, but what is your personal purpose in life?

It was a deep conversation with two older dudes who generally are just not that deep.

So it got me thinking. Of course family came first to mind, to provide financially for a fruitful life. To give my family a good life. My daughter goes to a top university and being able to send her should never be taken for granted. I want my family to never want for anything. I want them to never worry.

But life is much more than the basics of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs.

When you depart, what will the mark you left be????

This is tough for me. It’s not the bucket list discussion. I have that down pat.

On a professional level I want to be relevant. I want folks to say I contributed to the HR function by being innovative and being a role model for others. I want to leave a mark on HR. I am not sure to what extent I have done this so far. Being a “thought leader” and having a cadre of national awards is nice, but I am not sure that it qualifies for “purpose”.

So for now I will just say that I am working thru my purpose. Its a work in progress and maybe thats what it is supposed to be.