Day: November 20, 2015

Employees are humans first and resources second

Thanks to Paul Herbert for the great title. Now for the topic.


As Thanksgiving quickly approaches (or should I say “giving thanks”) we can all use a reminder that we are  a living, breathing and caring species.

Organizations forget this quit often. Have you ever heard a statement like this at work: “I don’t care how many hours you work, you’re an adult just get it done”. Translation: stop whining about your life, we own you and you need to deliver. It doesn’t matter the industry you work in, there is a good possibility you or a colleague have been the recipient.

For those of us from the “baby boomer” generation, working hard and putting in hours is nothing new. Well actually Gen -X and Y also put in the hours….but the issue is when did the insincerity towards working hard and long hours start?

One might point to the retail industry for expanding our time at or “on” work. First Sunday’s at the mall. Most recently working on Thanksgiving. To me that’s the most shameful. Come on it’s just one day, a national holiday, give those folks a day off. Like the retailers aren’t going to survive if they don’t open.

Others might point to the advent of the blackberry and I Phone. You don’t have to be in the office to be working all the time.

I have one former colleague who slept with the phone next to her pillow in case the boss emailed in the middle of the night (like it won’t be there at 8 or 9 am to deal with?).

Ok, you all get my point. So with that said, I wish you all a restful Thanksgiving….turn off the phone, the pc, and spend the day with family or friends. I will be taking part in my annual Turkey – Tennis morning with my regular group, followed by a day with family.

For those working in essential services and the military. A special Thank you for GIVING from all of us!