HR – Take the Plunge and Blow it up in 2016


Not HR, but everything HR does that causes pain to the organization you work for…Blow it up and start a new…

Easier said then done? Well, I can make a compelling argument that its only hard because we make ourselves believe so.

This past summer I faced an interesting dilemma. Our Performance Management System, like most organizations, was cumbersome and had minimal impact. We set goals, we measured lots of stuff, and we doled out increases and bonuses. HR acted as the gate-keeper and in the past spent hundreds of hours managing and facilitating the process. Managers dreaded the hours spent on writing and delivering each and every review.

Sound familiar???

So I suggested scrapping it and going to a variation of the Marcus Buckingham model. The CEO bought into it 100%. And then the dilemma ensued. It was less than 2 weeks from the start of the process, we had already built time lines and instructions. I suggested we implement in the spring during our mid yr. review timeline, giving us time to work through exactly how we wanted to roll it out…My CEO said, no what are we waiting for. That was on a Thursday and by the following Tuesday we had a new performance review and most of the logistics worked out…We worked over the weekend, even with a couple of conference calls…we used google docs to share and edit with a Tuesday morning finish…And we rolled with it…

We used survey monkey and had our data team help us shape the back-end. We reduced the cycle time to about 10 minutes to write with a couple of click boxes to check off and a very short comment section. We had a real-time tracker to see each managers progress, and we hit a button that printed out all the reviews in whatever format we wanted….Our time to handle the process was cut by about 90%

Morale of the story, don’t procrastinate. Take a chance…the worst that can happen is you default back to the old process. Now Take this one example and apply it to virtually everything you do that isn’t working. The hardest part is getting over the anxiety, like jumping into a pool for the first time in the summer. Once you’re in the anxiety subsides.

What are you waiting for? Everyone in the pool…


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