Good Riddance 2015


This past Monday was deemed: “Good Riddance day” in New York City’s Time Square in preparation for the annual New Yrs. Eve Ball drop.

Folks who participated, listed unpleasant memories from the past year on paper that was literally shredded to be used as confetti to ring in 2016. Had I been there I would have had a bucket list of items to write down.

The Mets losing the world series

The NY Giants losing half a dozen games in the last 2 minutes of games

Most of my golf scores from the season

On the business front I will have to defer for the moment, It wasn’t my best year (it wasn’t my worst either). What I will say is that I have a better perspective on what I don’t like about being “radical” and disruptive. I have seen the abyss from the other side. That’s unfortunate since I also have so many positives including some great team members and vendors that I worked hand in hand with during the yr. As the saying goes: don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

So maybe good riddance is just another way of draining the bath water. Only to be replaced with new water that will one day need to be drained too.

Snakes have been on this earth much longer than humans. They shed their skin repeatedly over time as they grow. Maybe that’s all we do each new years in a metaphorical way.

With that said, I need to go fill the bath tub….2016 is right around the corner!


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