Top 100% of 100%


Everyone wants to be the best at what they do. People, teams and Organizations.

Here is the reality, only one person, team or organization can be #1 and there is always a # 100 out of 100. You can fill in the rest….

So if you were sick, would you rather see the person who graduated Harvard Medical last in their class or the person in the middle of the bell curve from a middle of the road med school? Sorry I can’t answer that for you.

What I can do is pontificate on all the folks who land between #2 and # 99 in a hundred person or organization measurement. Life is not the Superbowl. Being # 2 or #32 might be fine…As a society, especially in the USA, we are so caught up on being the best….and that is noble and desired…Its also a pipe dream for most folks….

I worked for 3 organizations in the past 15 yrs. that all wanted to be a Best Company honoree. Two of them made the list, one deserved and one got lucky with some great marketing and propaganda. The third is light yrs. away from making anyone’s list. But they want to be the best (at least the CEO proclaims this). With a few $ and a good marketing campaign they may make a list somewhere sooner than later, but honestly with high turnover and other tangeable lackluster measurements, one might argue, they are nowhere near being even a “good” place to work….sorry for my honesty.

However we live in a time where, great marketing and PR trumps reality. I am also super competitive, in fact its one of my top strengths in Gallup Strengthfinders….but I am also super ethical as many of you are….I don’t want to win by breaking rules or cheating. I also don’t believe in breaking the law, sorry but I would rather loose playing fair, then win by putting myself or others at risk. I also don’t like lying to candidates who are digging for the truth that has been a concern for me in every role I have been in. I have successfully developed the art of side stepping great insight, like a politician….

Given a choice, I would rather be # 2 or #3 fair and square versus hoisting a trophy I didn’t deserve.

Does it really matter being #1 and does it matter winning when you do it dishonestly?


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