A Disruptive Month


The past 30 days have been a blur, I presented at DisruptHR in NYC, transitioned to a new role, and started teaching Spring semester at Adelphi.

My change in work status, from Success to consulting and recruiting has been a little choppy. I am working out of my house. It has its advantages, I go to the gym like clockwork at 715am to start the day (for the past 2 yrs I was running for the 7:29 LIRR train). I take lunch when and where I want to. I put CNBC or CNN on in the background. I play with the dog and run errands when its slow. The mornings fly by but the afternoons are torture as I am used to back to back to back meetings. We have occasional conference calls and I actually participated in a couple of webinars. It’s just a lot slower then I am used to. I am home most nights for dinner, for the first time in yrs….

The biggest adjustment is not having folks around ALL the time, I need social contact. I also am used to the discipline of a packed schedule, creating my own schedule and opportunities is a blessing and a curse.

I am trying to break out and be personally Disruptive, it sounds great but its really hard. I am failing more then succeeding on a lot of things. It is not effort, it is learning curve. I know I have to go through it to get to the other side.

I started writing for ADP’s website. It’s very different then my blogging or “editorial” style articles for TLNT and other online HR magazines. I have to follow rules that maximize SEO and word limits. I have editors telling what to write and what not to….It is very constricting.

For yrs. I listened to others going thru what I am, It never really pierced my skin. Now it has. I know it is a process….I have more humility then ever before…maybe that’s a good thing.

I am thinking about changing this blog again….It might be time.

Nothing is for ever….and that’s ok!










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