Our days are filled with NOISE. From spam emails to an endless barrage of talking heads on cable news, sports radio and even the unnecessary conference calls and status update meetings we are all entangled in.

I have been struggling recently to write meaningful blog posts and articles for a couple of media outlets I contribute to. It all seems to be repurposed information or the same old thing with a different topping on it.

What I yearn for is something new and clear to view or consume. The rock band “THE WHO” sang “meet the new boss the same as the old boss”. and that was over 40 yrs ago…still rings true today.

So I am trying to not be just another noisy contributor to the world of HR. I am trying hard at my ripe old age to DISRUPT myself. Those of us over 50 are not looked at as the bastion of new ideas or viewed as radical change agents. I am not sure why. We should be at the forefront of change as we built the world that needs changing, who better to identify its shortcomings….

I never liked critics and have been a skeptic of consultants who never walked in a practitioners shoes. It’s the race car drivers who know best how to adjust to the race there in, or at least the pit crew manager who has been in the grease and dirt along with the driver all along. the fans who watch can cheer or they can just make a lot of noise.

Sometimes its hard to tell the difference


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