Common Sense

common sense

Job candidates surprise me everyday. Smart people lacking common sense. Want some examples? Here you go:

An organization has 75 salaried openings as they are expanding, but more than half the jobs are backfills….is something wrong with this picture? Maybe/maybe not, however as a candidate you need to dig into this. If your slot is a back fill ask where the last person went (and go on LinkedIn to check)…If its new ask why there is no one internally to back fill the role….

A company states it wants to be a “Best Company” and yet every time you go on glass door there is another bad review….certainly some folks leave with sour grapes but all???? Again do your homework, but remember everyone desires to be the best. Some even posture they are when they are not. If the senior leader is not brand new I would be very skeptical on this one….as no change of this type happens without CEO buy in. If they didn’t buy in before did they suddenly become religious on treating their folks right????

One more for today. You want to understand the culture and your interviews are all at the extremes of the day (before 8am, after 5) but not at your request (at theirs)  and very short (under 30 minutes)…when you go on a date is it for 20 minutes???? Or you see a packed house before or after hours, but they tell you that folks have work/life balance (whatever that means…).

Last quick note, trust your gut. If it smells bad it probably won’t taste very good when you bite into it…and that will cause a perpetual tummy ache. No one wants to go to work every day with that….

Enough said on this topic for now….More to come



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