When it’s time to throw in the towel


Most of us give in at some point. Watching the Republican candidates this past winter is a prime example.

None of them were willing to concede, until well they conceded….the bravado and hubris is more than most of us can stomach on a daily basis. It is fun drama though. It you want a 30 minute condensed version watch “the Circus” on Sunday nights on SHOWTIME…

In sports we often watch athletes hit the wall and deteriorate quickly….occasionally they go out still on top. Mariano Rivera on the Yankees, Peyton Manning on the Bronco’s. Sometimes you hit that wall and your team can’t carry you, Kobe Bryant on the Lakers is a great example. Sometimes athletes throw it in only to reboot for a short time ( can you say Michael Jordan or Brett Favre).

In business its different as folks tend to work to an age 62, 65, 70…sometimes even later.

But do Business folks hit the wall in their careers much earlier, do they peak and hold on? Should they throw in the towel sooner….

I would argue they do hit the wall, yet most CEO’s of established companies are well into their 50’s if not 60’s….are their best yrs. behind them? What about the rest of us?

I am hitting the last third of my career, but I am far from throwing in the towel. Sometimes you just need a new team to play on….

How about you????


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