The 10 Year itch


It’s approaching 10 yrs. since I started blogging. During that time I have started and stopped 1/2 a dozen times.

I started blogging in 2007 on the google platform and pulled my blog down 4 times (twice at the direction of leadership at Leviton, once at Marcum and once on my own). I also migrated to the WordPress platform a couple of yrs. ago. I also pulled it down for other reasons over the time span.

It’s been a long time writing at Human Capital 3. I have recently been thinking about putting it to rest and going in a new and different direction. During this 10 yr. stretch I have blogged on Adelphi’s website, guest blogged with friends and even done a few real articles for online publications. At my pinnacle in 2009 I had 1300 followers and was averaging over 10,000 page views a month…I was being followed and read….I also had no idea what I was doing and sometimes think that’s still true.

I was much snarkier back in the early days and not as dark and serious as I am today. I was also less inhibited. That all changed when legal counsel told the CEO that as an officer of the company blogging was off limits….My COO at Marcum had a similar viewpoint in early 2011.

So here I am almost 10 yrs. later. Dina Anzalone, over at Leviton, is probably having a good laugh reading this as I got her to blog ( with a few employees) on the BrazenCareerist back in 2007 too. We thought we were cutting edge…who knew….now anyone with a pc can blog, and many do…although it seems to be a down trending activity.

Back in the early days I had a greenfield of topics to work with….today everything seems old and just repurposed…

My time at Success was littered with great opportunities to write, only I was so busy I rarely had the time. Now that I am gone its a balloon with no air….or interest. Besides Kate Taylor at the NY Times and others have plenty to say, and do it a lot more eloquently and professionally then I ever could….

So for now I will take a few days off and recharge. I’m not sure what I will do with the blog… I will be back next week to let you know….


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