Why the Whistle Rarely Blows

People do bad things in the workplace. Yet rarely does it ever get addressed…Lets discuss WHY.


Here are the reasons you already know:

It takes courage

Whistle blowers rarely win

Organizations have large PR budgets to counter any claims

The media is on the side of the advertisers

Victims need to make a living



And a couple reasons you might not be aware of:

Severance agreements with no disparagement clauses

threats of retaliation


false hope and beliefs in the leadership

Here is food for thought, name a whistle blowing situation that ended positive;y for the whistleblower?

Here is a classic example, before Monica…Bill Clinton was sued by Paula Jones, the result –

On November 13, 1998, Clinton settled with Jones for $850,000, the entire amount of her claim, but without an apology, in exchange for her agreement to drop the appeal. Most people dont know there was a settlement….

I could spend a week on this topic, having witnessed numerous agreements, including a couple a little to close for comfort.

I have even thought about being that person that blows the whistle, but fell short for many of the reasons noted. It’s a tough choice, but in the end we need to do what is in our best interest. It makes me sick to think about some of the issues I have dealt with….but We all have our own set of priorities….

I can say that I have personally fought the good fight on many occasions, and even had some impact occasionally….but there is this terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when faced with these challenges and need to keep the lid on the coffin.

My mother always told me if you have nothing good to say don’t. Or maybe that was Dale Carnegie who originally came up with it and she was just channeling it….









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