Teaching an Old Dog – New tricks


I read an interesting article, by Dan Lyons, in Fortune the other day about the tech startup  HubSpot. they were recently cleared of a justice Dept. investigation relating to former executives trying to block the publishing of Lyon’s account of life at the startup.

I don’t want to drag on telling the story as you can read about it by googling it or  in his new book: “Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble,” available now in hardcover. It’s on the Times best seller list.

In 2013 Dan joined the startup in a senior but undefined role and finds himself immersed in a cultish environment with employees allmost all half his age….The article and pre-read were of interest enough for me to order my own copy (arriving any day now from my friends at Amazon).

It reminded me of my own stint most recently at Success, with many parallels. At HubSpot they refer to the continuing exodus of staff as “graduating” from the organization….I wish I had coined that term myself. What better term for leaving an organization then that….

I think I will tell folks going forward that I “graduated” from Success Academy as my reason for leaving.

As far as teaching old dogs new tricks I have my own theory. I think the divide in the workforce today between baby boomers and Gen-Y,  is all about the boomers not learning new tricks. I am a perfect example. Coming from more traditional businesses with real offices and rules, it was an eye opener to not have an ofice my first 6 months at Success. And that was only the tip of the iceberg. Folks showing up at 10am ( out of fairness, many worked well into the night), google docs, emailing folks 15 feet away to ask a question, and alcohol flowing freely from the fridge on any given night were reinforcements to the new paradigm of work….

To be balanced the new way may be better in some ways then the old ways of working…

I always though I moved fast and was aggressive in taking risks until recently…20 months with a band of 25 yr. olds will change almost anyone’s perspective on speed in the work place…

It’s not that it is good or bad….it just is what it is…the new way of working. All the yrs. of experience and wisdom have much less importance in today’s world of instant gratification and immediate knowledge availability. You no longer need to learn things, only how to access them quickly as needed.

I have learned a few tricks so I don’t know that the statement holds true. It’s just not as easy as one thinks.










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