Your legacy

I’m speaking at an off the grid event in June and  asking participants to list 3 items for their tombstone….And now I need to do this too.

It would be wrong to ask others to do what I have not done. In addition I am asking them to list 3 dreams from their childhood adolescence. We then will explore the gap between their legacy and their dreams….

Wow, pretty heavy topic for an off the grid conference….

So here are the three things that I hope would connect to my tombstone:

Mark contributed to the world of HR with some great innovation and ideas

Mark gave back to the community in numerous ways

Mark loved his family and friends....

Damn I hope that’s what is my legacy and should be listed in reverse order.


Now for my dreams:

Play left field or first base for the  NY Mets.

Live a long and fruitful life.

Make a difference.

Well two out of three is not bad…..

I will let you know how the workshop goes…..



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