Conference Season


It’s conference season for me. I will be at an off the grid conference as a key note in Vegas this week. Then it’s on to Washington DC for #SHRM 2016. I get to reprise my SHRM national presentation at the NYS SHRM conference in Lake Placid at the end of the summer.

I have also been asked to do some local gigs (I am still deciding).

I also get to sit in the audience during conference season. This includes a spin with SR. HR folks at two HRPS events (sorry there both off the grid)…These are always my favorites to attend as the speakers and companies presenting are always “A” list.

This year I get my fill of Mckinsey, Gallup, Korn Ferry, USC Center for Leadership, and some very cool fringe stuff too…Oh we even have an Ambassador from a European country speaking to us ….

I am not sure which I enjoy more. Presenting or Learning…The best part is being with

peers and friends….and both offer opportunities to stretch myself…

How about you, are you attending or speaking at conferences, will you be at #SHRM 2016?

Let me know, say Hi….and we can chat….Have a great week!!!!



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