What I enjoy about being my own Boss


There are things I miss about being in an office everyday. Truth be told I have an office in the 4th bedroom of my home. It’s not the same. I miss  many of the social aspects of a team.

However, I can watch CNN or the weather channel if need be all day long. I can run an errand most days when I want to. I set my own hours except for an occasional client mandated mtg. or call. My dry cleaning bill is less then 1/2. I even have a private bathroom.

These are all obvious and of course I still need to put in just as much effort to get the work done. Sometimes more as my assistant has my name and looks exactly like me. Often it feels like double the work.

What I really enjoy most though is not having office politics. I don’t have to think about it…there is none. No one gossiping or going to the boss to earn a few points…

Wouldn’t it be great if organizations could just eliminate pettiness in the work place….





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