You have been Deleted


I am pretty open about my social media connections, however recently I blocked or deleted about 2 dozen folks.

It’s something everyone should do routinely. However this is my first time….

I have always been careful about firewalling my personal life. Specifically Facebook, which is off-limits to most folks I currently or recently worked with. I do  occassioally make real friends at work and a few of them can see my activity on Facebook, however as a rule I have always kept work and personal separate.

Business is different…

I am on LinkedIn several times a day. I value my professional relationships.

Recently, I blocked a few folks from my LinkedIn. There are a variety of reasons, but the main one is you dropped me from being connected. A few are stalking me, and the remainder have earned the honor of not deserving access to  my innocuous comments and posts…I am not the NY Times or the Huffington Post.I have a perspective, and not everyone agrees with it. Thats what makes horse races…. Visiting my LinkedIn is a priviledge and it has been revoked!

You have  no control over that….and I bet it bothers you….

If your reading this by accessing thru others well shame on you….

If your visiting directly, well welcome to MY BLOG, but my message is the same….you don’t deserve access to me…shame on you!

I know your reasons, I am not that stupid….and neither are you…

Oh, I almost forget to mention that my software tracks who visits me….just stop…







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